Alex Ovechkin Has Another NHL Record

Posted October 20, 2017

(Caps Outsider)

Despite how good he is, Alex Ovechkin doesn’t have too many NHL records. After scoring in overtime against the Red Wings on Friday, the 20th in OT in his career, he passed Jaromir Jagr for most ever in the regular season.

This record, however, is slightly misleading as there was no overtime until June 23, 1983. Also, the rules have changed even more during Ovechkin’s era, where they’re now playing with fewer players on the ice. This obviously gave Ovechkin an advantage over high-scoring players in the past.

Other NHL records held by Ovi, most of which were done years ago:

  • Most goals by a left wing, one season. He scored 65 in 2007-2008.
  • Fastest regular season OT goal: Ovechkin, Mats Sundin, and David Legwand, 6 seconds

He also has the record more most Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophies but that only started in 1998. Had it started earlier, Bobby Hull would have 7, to Ovi’s 6. At the rate Ovechkin is going, though, he’ll tie Hull this season.

Ovi also has quite a few other records when breaking things down by nationality, and obscure records like “Point streak in consecutive games to start an NHL career by a No. 1 overall pick (2005–06).” When breaking things down that way, and by position, this list is way longer. Also, some stats hadn’t always been counted, so it’s hard to say

As for Capitals records? He has or will wind up with most offensive ones, except for points in a season (Dennis Maruk has that back in much higher-scoring days), assists (he’s actually second to Nicklas Backstrom), and short-handed goals (Peter Bondra is way ahead).