The Capitals Paramotor

Posted May 18, 2017

via @CAPS_PPGFan

We’ve found over the years that Caps fans can get very creative in displaying their D.C. pride, but here’s a new one. Longtime Capitals season ticket holder Rich Ramos literally flies his team spirit high in the sky, having customized his paramotor with a very large Weagle.

“I’ve had a love for aviation since I was a kid,” Ramos said. “About four years ago I learned to fly paramotors and when I graduated to an immediate level kite, I wanted to customize with something that I could show some Capitals love while I flew. I’ve had the kite for over a year and take it up when ever weather and time permits. We mostly fly west of northern VA area but we do occasionally get to some of the beaches on the east coast.”

Check out these photos, and a video below, and follow Ramos on Twitter.

Also, if anyone dares to make a joke that this paramotor flies high all season and then crashes at the end, please go away.