About That Game 1…

Posted April 29, 2017

Brooks Orpik and Alex Ovechkin (Caps Outsider)

Thursday night’s 3-2 loss to the Penguins in Game one was tough to swallow. But if the Caps play like they did throughout the series, they should be able to win four of the next six. The Caps dominated most of the game and were fully in control from the middle of the second period on. Just look at some of the numbers.

The Pens came out strong in the second and caught the Caps off guard. That CANNOT happen again. The Caps were able to tie the game back up, but they can’t continue to dig themselves a hole. The Pens are not the Maple Leafs. The refs were a factor, yes, but like I said after the 8-7 game in January, the Caps can’t react to things out of their control. Not to mention, the Caps were able to shut down, for the most part, Crosby and Malkin last year. Do not expect that to be the case this year.

Thursday night was a great atmosphere, but when the Pens went up 2, Verizon Center was dead silent. That’s a problem. The team feeds off of our energy, so we need to be loud all game, not just when it is close or during “Unleash the Fury.” Come out Saturday and scream your lungs out. This is by the far the best team the Caps have had in the Ovechkin era. Let’s show the team that we are behind them no matter what.

Now enjoy Kuzy.