Stop Citing “History” as a Reason to Give up on the Caps

Posted April 16, 2017

(Caps Outsider)

The Caps lost a heartbreaker last night. So what? If you thought the Caps would beat the Leafs by three or more goals on their way to a sweep then you haven’t watched either team enough this year.

Let’s talk about the Leafs’ first goal of the series. They got a lucky bounce off of the post that went straight into the slot where Marner was able to put it into the empty net. If that puck doesn’t bounce off the post like that, he doesn’t score. On their second goal of the game, Brooks Orpik was going to the bench for a line change while the puck was just sitting behind him. That’s an inexcusable mistake from a veteran.

I’m not saying that the Caps played well in the first, because they didn’t. The Leafs made them play the way the Leafs wanted them to play, not the way the Caps wanted to play. The Caps picked it up and were able to win that game.

Last night was more of the same. Let’s look at the Leafs’ first two goals.

Both goals were on lucky  bounces. The puck bounced off of Beagle and Winnik’s skates before caroming to a Leaf who would put the puck home. In double-overtime Carlson’s stick was slashed out of his hands leading to Kapanen’s easy game winner. Not much Holtby could do.

When this goal happened, it seemed like the entire Caps fan base just went “here we go again.” As Neil Greenberg said this week, the Caps aren’t chokers. I am tired of this fanbase citing “history” as the reason the Caps, and other DC teams for that matter, can’t have postseason success. If we are citing “history” then Montreal should be given the Stanley Cup right now because they’ve won it more than anybody else.

The Caps have lost ONE game. Take a deep breath. If you are of the mindset of “wake me up when they get past round 2” you’re going to miss something real special. The Verizon Center was loud on Thursday and Saturday. I haven’t heard it that loud in a long time. Maybe not since 2008. Just listen to Unleash the Fury from Game 2.

We’re part of the reason why it is so hard to play at Verizon. If we come in with the mindset of “they’re going to choke” the Caps will sense it, and play a tense style of hockey rather than stay loose. Throughout the rest of the playoffs, however long it may be, be loud. Be confident in this team they are truly something special to watch.