The Caps Man Cave

Posted April 11, 2016

(Photos courtesy David Dowden)

mancave - 10David Dowden has been a Caps fan since the team’s inaugural season in 1974. But he doesn’t live in the D.C. area. He’s up in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador – the most eastern point of North America. Needless to say, he doesn’t have the luxury of Rocking the Red in the same way that in-towners get to do. So, he did what any normal out-of-town Caps fan would do. He built a Caps-themed man-cave, spending upwards of $80,000 over the years.

Of all the stuff he has, including autographed jerseys and a gazllion Caps-themed items, Dowden’s favorite is a picture of Tony White, an original Cap from 1974.

Dowden’s favorite Caps memory is personal. His friend, John Slaney, who is also from St. John’s, was drafted by the team back in 1990. Slaney is now an assistant coach with the Arizona Coyotes. Dowden also once visited Washington with his daughter, where he introduced himself to Ted Leonsis and told him where he was from. Leonsis then invited him up to his suite.

As for the man cave… is he done adding to it? Of course not. “I will continue to build and keep the Washington Capitals man cave alive,” Dowden said.

Check out his photos:

mancave - 9

mancave - 8

mancave - 7

mancave - 6

mancave - 5

Click on the panos for larger versions:

mancave - 4

mancave - 3

mancave - 2

mancave - 1