Goodbye Jason Chimera. We Love You.

Posted July 1, 2016

A face we’ll miss for a long time. (Caps Outsider)

Jason ChimeraAfter seven seasons in Washington, unrestricted free agent Jason Chimera signed a two-year deal with the New York Islanders.

We here at Caps Outsider tend to fall in love with players while they’re in D.C., and have a hard time letting go though it doesn’t make any sense to keep them any more. Despite another productive season from the 36-year-old, Chimera’s age and salary just didn’t fit with the team anymore.

Now, we pay tribute to Jason Chimera the only way we can fully appreciate: Visually.


Jason Chimera with a Chrome photo filter. (Caps Outsider)


Jason Chimera meets fans (Caps Outsider)

Jason Chimera (Caps Outsider)

Jason Chimera in camo. (Caps Outsider)

Jason Chimera followed up on the hit to Backstrom, dropping the gloves with Jay McClement.

Jason Chimera drops the gloves with Jay McClement.


Chimera yelled a lot.


Chimera got one of the least-lively bobbleheads ever.

Jason Chimera

Jason Chimera hanging with fans.

Jason Chimera and his black eyes. (Caps Outsider)

Jason Chimera at the zoo. (Caps Outsider)

(Caps Outsider)

Jason Chimera looks way older than 26 here. (Caps Outsider)

Jason Chimera almost smiles.

Jason Chimera almost smiles.

Jason Chimera

Jason Chimera at Six Flags.

jason chimera al koken

Jason Chimera messes with Al Koken