Capitals Playoff Rally Towels

Posted April 30, 2016

For Game 2 against the Pittsburgh Penguins, fans were treated to Rally Towel giveaways as they reached their seats. Rather than distribute them at the door as fans came through security, the towels were laid out onto every seat, presenting a stunning visual as you entered the empty arena.

Capitals-Playoff-Rally-Towel - 5

The towels are sponsored by the LDiscovery Companies, which is apparently different than Discovery Channel, so we’re glad we looked that up and didn’t give the wrong company credit :

LDiscovery is a leader in eDiscovery management solutions, providing end-to-end legal and technology consulting services to AmLaw 200 law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, and government agencies.

Uh, ok. Thanks for the towels, we’ll be sure to contact you the next time we get sued and need eDiscovery management solutions.

Capitals-Playoff-Rally-Towel - 6

The entire arena full of Red Towels gives us a little preview of what Verizon Center might look like if we ever get new (larger, please) seats that are red instead of purple.

Capitals-Playoff-Rally-Towel - 4

So let’s get ready to Rock the Red Caps Fans. LET’S GO CAPS! ….and if you need help with your eDiscovery management needs, you now know who to call.

Capitals-Playoff-Rally-Towel - 3