Caps Playoff Anxiety Meter (Game 6)

Posted April 24, 2016

(Caps Outsider)

Anxiety level 7/10: Have the Capitals ever clinched a series with a road win?

1st period:

5-on-3: How is the puck not going in the net…I refuse to believe the ’16 Flyers are the reincarnation of the ’10 Canadiens. Anxiety Level 7/10. Frustration level: 13/10

2nd period:

15:30 left, Anxiety Level 9/10, Frustration Level 16/10:


13:00 left, Anxiety Level 7/10: I did not think the Caps penalty kill was THIS good. Shoutout to Jay Beagle for getting down and dirty and carrying the 4th line and PK

11:00 left, Anxiety Level 5/10: GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL. DMV erupts in joy and follows with a great exhale of relief

3rd period:

Mike Milbury almost said something nice about the Caps during intermission.

7:00 left, Anxiety 8/10, heart rate 140: Yes thank you I am aware the Capitals are 0-5 in their last 5 potential series clinching games

00:00 left: It wasn’t easy or pretty, but WOOOOOOOOOOOO