Need A New Caps Hat?

Posted February 4, 2016

Last week, Verizon Center unveiled a new pop-up hat store. If you think the team store is too crowded and you are looking for hats, then this is perfect for you.

The hat store is located outside of section 117/118. There is almost no line, and you can try them on before you buy. “Very convenient for the costumers.” said Maurice Toyer, who runs it.

I could not agree more. I am always looking for new ways to show my team spirit, but I hate the lines, thus this allows me to do both. Skip the line and show off my Caps gear.

The shop is open from the time fans can enter Verizon, until half an hour after the game. In other words, if you “lose” your hat after a hattrick, just go to section 117/118 and get yourself a brand new one. I strongly recommend stopping by and at least checking them out.