Chick Hernandez, Brian Mitchell Rip Mike Milbury on CSN

Posted January 15, 2015

via CSN

Every time the Capitals play on NBC, Caps fans are virtually forced to watch the rantings and ravings of Mike Milbury, who has a history of ripping the Caps, particularly Alex Ovechkin.

While criticism of Milbury is ubiquitous in the Caps blogosphere (and everywhere else), not too many TV personalities attack back. On Thursday’s SportsTalk Live on CSN DC, Brian Mitchell went on a rant about Milbury and his criticism of the Caps, even going so far as to question his credibility. Chick Hernandez even joined in, suggesting that Milbury should ‘shut his pie-hole.’

Caps fans cringe whenever Milbury discusses the Caps, even if he happens to be saying something positive because he’s already lost all credibility with them. It’s refreshing to hear that it’s not just fans and bloggers who who can’t stand the guy, but others on television who have the guts to address the issue. Let’s hope Milbury watches CSN DC.

Other things we learned on Thursday’s show: Craig Laughlin has two dozen suits, Joe Beninati has 120, and Mitchell has six.