Fights, Bobbleheads, Scoreboard Outage and More at Bears Game

Posted December 14, 2014

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Saturday night, the Hershey Bears took on division rivals the Binghamton Senators. Every minute was filled with fights, goals, bobbleheads, and even scoreboard outages.

The first 5000 fans received a bobblehead of Bears captain, Dane Byers. It looks good, but has some problems. With almost 9000 fans in attendance, many were hoping to get their hands on one of the Byers beauties, but no more than 15 minutes after the doors opened was the arena swamped with people walking every which way with their bobble in hand. The detail on this bobblehead is great and it really resembles the captain of the Bears. Dane is posed in what looks to be him skating off of the bench for the pregame skate, holding his stick in his left hand. The jersey and pants are very well painted with raised name and numbers and stickered-on logos. The bobblehead looks great at first glance, but the Bears may have missed something if you take a closer look. This bobblehead is of the captain, so you would expect a C to be on the upper right corner of the jersey, but it’s no where to be found. This detail makes this bobblehead a bit less special than it could have been.


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As for the game. The night started off with fights galore with three in the first three minutes, although only two were recorded. This landed four Bears and three Sens in the box. Before any of the fighters made it back to the bench, the Bears netted two goals in just under 1:30. The first goal from Chris Brown and the second from Philippe Cornet. Three more penalties were committed, including two minors by Garret Mitchell for boarding and slamming the door which got him and unsportsmanlike, before the first period finally ended and the Bears left the ice with a 2-0 lead. The second period is when the PIM’s really racked up. Less than a minute in, each team had committed a minor penalty however neither capitalized on the 4v4 play. The man of the night,  Byers, was then given a questionable interference call which led to a Sens goal and brought on a lot of Boos from the Hershey faithful. Less than a minute later, the Bears struck back on the powerplay as Stanislav Galiev sniped on home for his 9th of the season to continue his hot streak. The Bears the scored again less than two minutes later as Tim Kennedy got his second of the season midway through the second. What happened next brought on both cheers and confusion.


When we all thought this game couldn’t get any crazier, more fights broke out and also a power to part of the scoreboard. At 16:53 of the second period, four fighting majors were doled out along with two misconducts and two game-misconducts. A two minute minor was also dealt to Liam O’Brien for unsportsmanlike conduct but as this was all going on, nobody had a clue as to who was getting what since the scoreboard was out. Finally, the refs got the game under control and dropped the puck, but it took some time to realize the Bears were a man down as there had yet to be an announcement of the penalties and still nothing was on the scoreboard. Near the end of the period, the scoreboard flashed back on and the arena erupted in cheers that the power was back. The score flashed to 0-0 and the time left in the period said 5 minutes, which were both wrong, but eventually all was back to normal and the Bears left the ice with a 4-1 lead with 20 minutes to go.

The third period didn’t live up to expectations as each team only committed one minor, which added to the total of 114 PIM’s, and each team traded a goal as Chris Connor added the EN goal to seal the 5-2 win and put an end to the night that was. Our conclusion to this eventful night is that the Bears should have bobblehead nights more often as they are clearly the driving force behind having a great game for the home team. Until next bobble night we hope to see the Bears continue to dominate as they have so far this year.

UPDATE: Here’s why he didn’t have the ‘C’

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