Tale of the Tape: Tom Wilson vs. Matt Martin

Posted November 28, 2014

Tom Wilson: 6’4″, 210 lbs. 18 Career NHL Regular Season Fights.

Matt Martin 6’3″, 215 lbs. 44 Career NHL Regular Season Fights.

Matt Martin skates up to Wilson. The two nod at each other.

“Hey Matt, how’s it going?” Wilson asked.

“Pretty good, just not looking forward to this cold weather coming,” Martin answered.

That’s odd, Wilson thought. The guy has a career that involves cold, frozen water.

“Oh, you’re more of a summer guy, huh?” Wilson asks.

“Yeah, I just miss the warm weather. Laying out in the sun. Driving with the windows down listening to some tunes,” Martin said.

“Oh yeah, what tunes did you listen to in the summer?” Wilson asked.

“Iggy Azalea,” Martin answered.

Wilson decided right then and there that Martin had to be punched in the face.

Martin tried to sneak a few early uppercuts in on Wilson, but Wilson appeared to avoid any contact. Wilson started firing back furiously, and got a few good ones in. Martin desperately tried to answer back, and was able to land a few good ones in right on the side of Wilson’s head. After Martin was able to go on the offensive, he decides to cling on Wilson’s left arm, giving Wilson an opportunity. Wilson begins to unload. Just barrel away. Punch after punch, while Martin continues to just try to hold onto Wilson. Martin goes in for one more lackluster attempt, and Wilson decides enough is enough, and goes with a big takedown.

And….the winner is….in a unanimous decision….TOM WILSON