Nicklas Backstrom Grants a Wish

Posted November 28, 2014

For Sam Becker‘s 12th birthday, he got to meet his favorite hockey player, Nicklas Backstrom.

The meet and greet was one of the things Becker was treated to by the Washington Capitals through the Make a Wish foundation.

Becker, who lives in Olney, Md., is currently battling osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer usually found in children. Becker arrived at the Verizon Center a few hours before the game began, and shortly after he got to meet Backstrom.

The two talked a little bit about hockey. Becker told Backstrom about his recent overtime winner against the Carolina Hurricanes. He also told Backstrom that he expects todays game to go into overtime….every game Becker goes to ends up in overtime. Backstrom said he hopes this one just ends up as a win in regulation.

Before Backstrom left, he asked Becker if he had any advice for him before today’s game. Becker thought for a little while, but said he couldn’t come up with anything. Backstrom said that he’ll just have to think of something to tell him during warmups.

Becker was out during warmups, watching Backstrom and the rest of his favorite players get ready for their game against the New York Islanders. He got to give everyone a fist bump when they took the ice, and even got to chat up with Ovechkin.

In the first intermission, Comcast SportsNet’s Joe Beninati interviewed Becker. The two talked about his day, and Becker talked about how awesome it was to watch these guys warmup.

Becker also helped resurface the ice on the Olympia during the second intermission, and after the game, he will get an opportunity to tour the Caps locker room and chat with the team.