Capitals Winter Classic Gear is Here!

Posted November 11, 2014

Tonight the Winter Classic Jerseys have made their long-awaited arrival at Verizon Center. They’ll sell you whatever sweater you want, as long as you want one that says “Ovechkin”. This first shipment to VC only includes #8 and blank jerseys, but presumably more will be coming soon. Of course you could have pre-ordered your customized Winter Classic sweater, and avoided this dearth of selection.


What the Capitals lack in variety of jersey numbers, they make up for in variety of other Winter Classic merchandise available for purchase at the phone booth. The toques, sweaters, t-shirts, scarves and other various items have all been restocked, and are available to fans who still have space left on their credit card after paying for their Winter Classic tickets. It seems entirely possible that the team is going to make some money on this whole outdoor game thing.


Check out a sampling of the Winter Classic goodies in the photo gallery below, and let us know in the comments which you are wishing for this Holiday season…

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