Children’s Book Adds New Dimension to Eric Fehr

Posted October 5, 2014

(Caps Outsider)

Since he started playing for the Capitals back in 2005, Eric Fehr has been one of those players who often falls by the wayside as he’s moved around the lineup (or even held out completely). Then he’ll do things like…  score twice in the Winter Classic, notch one of the most amazing goals of 2013, become a regular in shootouts, or score Thursday’s game-tying goal to save the Caps from a preseason loss to Philadelphia.

We also know Fehr is genuinely a good person. He’s very well liked by teammates and fans, a loving husband, one of the first Caps to be active on Twitter, and no stranger to charity work.

On Saturday, the Caps revealed that Fehr has authored a book, called the “The Bulliest Dozer,” an anti-bullying book that teaches kids valuable lessons on how to treat people.

“I wrote the book to show kids how bullying can affect kids at school and in the workplace,” Fehr told Monumental Sports. “I think it’s a good opportunity for kids to learn and also I think it’s a pretty fun book.”

While Fehr is far from the first athlete to pen a book for kids, he’s one of the few hockey players to do so. Plus, he literally surprised teammates with copies, which will certainly earn him some good-natured ribbing.

No matter how he performs this season, or the rest of his career for that matter, it’s things like this that create a soft spot in fans’ hearts for players like Fehr. If there was any doubt before, this sealed it.