Stevens Point Pointers Change Logo, No Longer Looks Like Capitals

Posted July 18, 2014

Courtesy Jack McLaughlin,

Between 2010 and 2014, the Stevens Point Pointers hockey team, from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, wore jerseys with a very familiar-looking logo, on both their home and away jerseys.

But no longer. The jerseys with the logo that resembles your Washington Capitals were auctioned off at their final games this past season. On Tuesday, they tweeted out a photo of their new jerseys from Bauer. The Caps-looking logos were used exclusively for men’s hockey, and not any of their 19 other sports.

Back in 2013, the WHL’s Lethbridge Hurricanes were forced to change their logo because it looked too much like the Washington Capitals logo.

Did the Capitals do the same with Stevens Point?

Apparently not. A Stevens Point spokesman says, to his knowledge, they weren’t contacted by the Caps or the NHL. Sure, Stevens Point is a Division III college team, while Lethbridge is WHL, but copyright is copyright, right?

Either way, this is settled, and the Stevens Point Pointers will now be wearing this: