Caps Top Fights of 2013-2014: Number 2

Posted July 16, 2014

Tom Wilson vs. Lance Bouma.  October 3rd.  8:10 into the first period.  Caps down 1-0.

Coming in at number three in the Caps Top Fights of 2013-2014 is big Tom Wilson.

It was known at the beginning of the season that if anyone was going to drop the gloves and fight for the Caps, it was going to be the rookie Tom Wilson.  With his gigantic size, there are few that can matchup to his stature and strength.  And in just the second game of the season, Wilson let every one know that no liberties could be taken against his teammates when 43 was on the ice.

It all started with Jack Hillen taking the puck out of the defensive zone.  He passes the puck up the ice to some guy named Martin Erat (I’ve already pushed that memory so far out of my mind that I truly never believe he ever played for the Capitals) and immediately takes a hit right on his leg from Lance Bouma.  The often injured Hillen would be out for quite a while with a fractured right tibial plate.  As Capitals Head Athletic Trainer Greg Smith jogs dutifully across the ice to tend to Hillen, Wilson is hunting for Bouma.

Wilson immediately grabs Bouma and throws a right directly in his head.  Bouma tries to throw one back, but is met with a flurry of left jabs by Wilson.  Every time Bouma tries to throw a punch at Wilson, Wilson responds with an even more powerful blow.  The two spin around for a bit, until Wilson decided that he was bored, and proceeds to pick up Bouma and body slam him in Hulk Hogan style.

Wilson’s first NHL fight gave him a win.  I mean, look at that above photo.  He body slammed Bouma so fast that it is just a blur of motion. He let everyone know not to mess with this teenager.  I mean, why would you want to?