Laich’s Advice to Teammates

Posted May 22, 2014

Brooks Laich (Photo Credit: M. Richter)

As the NHL playoffs continue, the Capitals organization has been tossing names around like peanuts at a baseball game.  Who will fill the coveted general manager and head coaching positions for the 2014-15 season?  While both jobs are important and deserve a lot of thoughtful consideration, Caps center Brooks Laich feels that the team needs to look elsewhere for success.   Laich spoke about each player looking to themselves for answers Tuesday in a Rinkside Update interview with Mike Vogel.

“Nobody is exempt,” said Laich.  “Everybody needs to look at their own game and as a team we need to be tougher to play against in order to win what we want to win.”

Laich also encouraged his teammates to watch the playoffs and take note of the attributes that make teams Stanley Cup contenders.

“We should watch the teams in the playoffs.  Watch the teams that win.  Watch how tight they play, how defensive they play, how they play away from the puck, the relentlessness,” Laich added emphatically.

And desire—relentless desire to maintain that level of play throughout the season and into the playoffs.  The Caps have the talent.  They need to rekindle the drive.  They need to work as a team not as a bunch of extras performing behind the star, their franchise player, Alex Ovechkin, expecting him to carry the show.

So, let’s hope that the Caps take their assistant captain’s advice.  Check out the playoffs and, then, look in the mirror.  It should be revealing.  And hopefully, the image looking back at them this time next year will be that of a winner.

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