Tale of the Tape: Connor Carrick vs. Matt Calvert

Posted January 18, 2014

Connor Carrick:  5’11”, 185 lbs., 1st Career NHL Regular Season Fightfight graphic toe

Matt Calvert:  5’11”, 187 lbs., 6 Career NHL Regular Season Fight

January 17th, 2014.  Nationwide Arena.  13:22 into the third period.  Caps down 5-1.

Connor Carrick woke up Friday morning in the team hotel, and made his way down to the lobby for some breakfast.  He grabs some eggs, toast and oatmeal, grabs some orange juice, and makes his way over to sit with his teammates that were already up.  He puts down his tray of food at a table with Aaron Volpatti, John Erskine and Tom Wilson.  The three greet Carrick, and start up a typical hockey player conversation.  Pretty soon, everyone starts reminiscing about their personal favorite hockey fights.  Volpatti talks about his blood he’s lost, Wilson mentions his first win, and Erskine laughs about how excited he can make Joe Beninati with his heavy fists.  The three turn to Carrick, waiting to eagerly hear his story.  Carrick sits quietly, stirring his oatmeal around, looking down.  Carrick looks up at the three, and says quietly, “I’ve….I’ve never fought in the NHL.”  Volpatti and Wilson sneer, Erskine gives out the biggest belly laugh you have ever heard in your whole life.  Carrick quickly says, “Guys, I’m only 19, come on.”  Wilson gets up, pats him on the head, and says “Connor, I’m only 19 too.”  Volpatti and Wilson get up and leave, shaking their heads.  Erskine gets up, releases one more gigantic belly laugh, steals Carrick’s toast, and follows Volpatti and Wilson out of the lobby.  Carrick was left alone.  Eating his eggs and drinking his orange juice.  And it was at that moment, Carrick decided he was going to get in an NHL fight.

So Carrick waited and waited throughout the game.  He skated all over the ice, looking for a victim.  He saw his opportunity in the third period, skiing behind the net with Matt Calvert.  As the play stopped, Carrick asked in the most polite way to fight with Calvert.  Calvert agreed, and it was on.

The two begin the fight by exchanging shoves to the face.  They get in close, holding each others head.  But Carrick wants to start.  He breaks away, and sneaks a right on Calvert’s face.  He gets one more light one in, and Calvert unloads a big right into Carrick’s jaw.  The two begin to rotate blows, each one landing not-so-softly.  Carrick realizes his reach is just a little bit to small, and starts jabbing with his left while still holding onto Calvert’s collar.  Carrick pulls Calvert in, and hits Calvert right on the noggin.  The two exchange a few more light blows, none of them making serious contact.  Carrick sees an opportunity with his left, and fires away.  This angers Calvert, who lands several big rights on the side of Carrick’s head.  Carrick falls to his knees, taking Calvert with him.  Carrick rolls on top of Calvert, and sneaks in one more quick punch to the face before the refs can stop him.  And Connor Carrick’s first NHL fight was all over.

And….the winner is….WAIT!  It’s a draw!  Way to go Connor!