Caps Retail Bobbleheads Are Rarer Than You Think

Posted December 29, 2013

Bobbleheads have developed into quite the collector’s items in recent years for all sports. However, for the Caps, it has grown into much more than that. With so many ways to get bobbleheads, it’s almost too hard to keep track of them all. There’s ones from the Blood Drives, the Stadium Giveaways, the Season Ticket Holder Rewards and Presents, and Kids Club incentives. Although they are constantly being given away, it is in a very limited quantity, which makes them relatively rare, and driving up the prices for collectors.

One thing to make note of is that most of these don’t cost any more than a pint of blood or a ticket to a Caps game. However, there are retail bobbleheads that usually cost around $30 which people tend to ignore since anybody can get them. But have you ever tried to collect ever single retail Caps bobblehead out there? It’s much harder than it looks as they are also made in quite a limited quantity, which most people tend to overlook. Mostly made by Forever Collectibles. the quantities made for each of these bobbleheads can range from 200 to 2000. This, when you think of all the Caps fans out there, isn’t very many. But everybody goes straight for the blood drive bobbles, spending hundreds of dollars on them when they could have one that’s equally or even more rare for much less. Here are a few bobbleheads that have been sold at the Verizon Center to give you a better look at why these bobbleheads are rarer than you think.


This bobblehead, made in 2008, commemorated Alex Ovechkin’s first Hart Memorial Trophy of his career. Standing on a base shaped like the Caps Weagle, a bearded and toothless Ovi is holding the Hart with a big grin across his face. This bobblehead sold for $30 at the Verizon Center and only 1008 were ever made.


This bobblehead was made in 2007 when Ovi was beginning to take over the NHL. Standing in a skating position with stick in hand this Ovi still has all of his teeth as he has another big grin on his face. This bobblehead sold for $30 at the Verizon Center and was one of only 2007 in the world.

Ovi trophy bobblehead (Brendan Sheridan)

Ovi trophy bobblehead (Brendan Sheridan)

This bobblehead was made just this season as it honors Ovi’s third Hart Memorial and third Maurice Rocket Richard trophies. Once again outfitted in his gear, Ovi proudly displays the “C” on the upper right hand of his Capitals sweater. This bobblehead currently sells in the Verizon Center for $30 and is a limited edition of only 288. Read more about it here.

Ovi Hart Bobblehead

Photo via kulbyscollectibles on eBay

This bobblehead commemorates Ovi’s third Hart Memorial Trophy. Ovi is in full Caps gear, including his helmet, celebrating as he is down on one knee, screaming with joy and holding his stick in the air. Laid out in front of him are his three Hart Memorial Trophies. This bobblehead can still be found on for only $40 and is one of only 144.

There are still many other bobbleheads out there such as the Winter Classics and Slapshot bobbles but this just goes to show that the retails deserve just as much attention as the giveaways. Now go out and start collecting Caps fans because your collection lists just got longer!

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