Caps Beating Penguins 8-1 on The Millers

Posted November 21, 2013


Talk about bad timing. Just a day after the Penguins shut out the Capitals, 4-0, at Verizon Center, CBS’s The Millers showed the Caps winning 8-1 at 15:04 in the second period. That would mean the Caps were on pace for about 19 goals, which could’ve been an Ovechtrick game, but we won’t read into that any further.

The only ‘win’ in all of this is JB Smoove in this get-up. (Notice he didn’t make the joke that he ‘blue’ himself, which would’ve been the second time that joke had been used on a Will Arnett show. Then again, that joke is WAY TOO FUNNY for the Millers.)

Unfortunately, Smoove wasn’t shown doing any sort of rallying cry that the Caps could use in a late-game montage. Then again, we have faith that @CapsGameEnt will work this in there, somehow.

S/T Andy Wallace