Yes, Matt Cooke Is With the Wild Now

Posted November 7, 2013

Photos by Caps Outsider

Noted NHL villain Matt Cooke paid a visit to Verizon Center as a member of the Minnesota Wild for the first time since he left the Pittsburgh Penguins. A Capital during the 2008 playoff run, Cooke played 17  regular season games in a Washington jersey, enough to forever be labelled a ‘former Cap,’ though fans would rather forget that.

In 2008, Cooke signed with Pittsburgh, spending five season doing his best to injure opponents, including Nicklas Backstrom, and earning harsh criticism of then-Caps coach Bruce Boudreau and many others.

This summer, the Wild signed Cooke to a three-year, $7.5-million deal. While Cooke has reformed his ways (at least that’s been noted the past couple seasons), it’s hard for Caps fans to see him at Verizon Center without remembering all his dirty plays, against the Caps and against the rest of the league. Fortunately for Caps fans, they won’t see him nearly as much any more.

On Thursday, he skated 14 forgettable minutes, sitting for a slashing penalty. A few years ago, that slash would’ve broken someone’s leg, so maybe he has reformed his ways.