Light Em’ Up, Caps!

Posted October 3, 2013

Fans unleash the fury. (Caps Outsider)

A trip to the Verizon Center to see a Caps game is a unique and fun experience. Not only because you’ll be treated to some outstanding hockey, but because of the excitement generated by the crowd, the cheerleaders, the announcers and, something that would leave a conspicuous void if it were not there — the music.

Picture it: The lights grow dim. The music begins with a hard, driving beat that sends your blood pressure soaring. It gets louder, and the heavy beat causes the floor to tremble and seems to permeate your very soul. And, just when you think your cardiovascular system can’t take it any longer, the announcer introduces your Washington Capitals. You leap to your feet and join the crowd of screaming fans now ready to rock the red for the duration of the game.

It’s true. Music plays a big part of the hockey game experience. It is a tool used for getting the crowd psyched and involved in the game. Stop for minute and think about what a game would be like without it. Pretty drab, huh? And rock songs are the perfect vehicle for firing up a crowd of competitive sports fans.

When we think of rock songs that have graced a multitude of sporting events, our memories immediately revert to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and “We are the Champions.” And, when a team is firing on all cylinders and making mincemeat out of their opponent, you can expect the raspy, iconic voice of Axl Rose to fill the venue with Guns N’ Roses’ 1980’s hit, “Welcome to the Jungle.” (a personal favorite)

During the 2013-2014 NHL season, I think we’ll be hearing a more recent release emerge as the perfect rock song for hockey games everywhere. Written and recorded by American rock band, Fallout Boy, “Light Em Up” has already made its debut at the Stanley Cup playoffs. Originally called “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,” it was released as the lead single for their come back and 5th studio album, Save Rock and Roll. A light above the net turns on when someone scores a goal in a hockey game. So, to score a goal became known as lighting the lamp, i.e., light em up. Perfect.

Fans can rest assured that the music, and all the factors that make a hockey game an awesome experience, will be in place for the 2013-2014 season. Let’s hope that all of the enthusiasm and support will catapult the Caps to a high scoring, winning season. And, in the words of the great hockey hall of famer, Wayne Gretzky, “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So, light em up, Caps. Light Em Up!