What Goes on at Rookie Camp?

Posted September 5, 2013

Out they come! Photos by Charlie Lehnertz

What goes on at rookie camp, you ask?

Before practice: The players will wait in the locker room until five minutes before 11 AM. Once it comes time for the players to hit the ice, they wait in the tunnel for a few minutes while the Zamboni makes the final touches on the ice.

When the players get on the ice, the practice becomes a warm-up type of routine. The players will take shots on the two goalies (Brandon Anderson and Louis-Phillip Guindon).  After that, there are passing drills followed by skating drills. Every 15 to 20 minutes, the coaches will call over the players for a talk. They move onto a new drill or activity after that.

Then, the players play a pick-up game. There is not a whole lot of contact, but no checking.  The players will finish up the practice with shooting on the goalie.

After practice: Head coach Adam Oates is available to media at the podium. Then, the players are made available at the locker room or outside the locker room. In the locker room, the players joke around with each other and play music.

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Taylor Stefishen