7 Unlikely People With Pressure in Game 7

Posted May 12, 2013

Caleb Green and Bob McDonald sing the national anthem before one of the playoff games at Verizon Center (Caps Outsider)

After the New York Rangers held on to win 1-0 in Game 6 on Sunday, the Caps find themselves needing to once again hold serve on Monday, which will be good enough to win the series. But you knew that. Here’s what you didn’t know: It isn’t just the hockey teams and their organizations who are feeling pressure in Game 7. On the Caps’ end, it’s these folks:

Caleb Green and Bob McDonald

Master sergeants Caleb Green and Bob McDonald have been singing the national anthem at Capitals games for years, but just this season they occasionally started singing together, just the two of them. The Caps have won each playoff game that McDonald and Green have sung at this season, and that can’t be a coincidence. Needless to say, McDonald and Green have a lot of pressure on them on Monday to show up and sing the national anthem again, which will ensure a Caps’ victory.

Photo by Caps Outsider

Photo by Caps Outsider

The Brouwer Rangers

Ever since they were Knuble’s Knights, the Brouwer Rangers have been two of the most recognizable fans in attendance at Caps games. Plus, it’s obvious that they’re the reason for Troy Brouwer’s awesome season, and their presence will definitely inspire him to score in Game 7. (Read: Getting to know the Brouwer Rangers)


Michael Wurman is the master of bringing Verizon Center to life, carefully selecting not just the music and videos, but playing them at the right time to energize the crowd and bring them to their feet. If Wurman doesn’t bring his A-game to Game 7, Caps fans may just end up doing the wave, which would be horrible.

Loud Goat

Joel Ward credited Goat after Game 5 at Verizon Center, along with the other Caps fans in attendance. It’s not often a player will call out a fan like that, which puts even more pressure on Goat to show up for Game 7 and yell so loudly that John Tortorella just gets up and leaves in the middle of the game.

photo via ovi8

photo via ovi8

Maria Kirilenko

Sadly, Alex Ovechkin’s fiance is in Rome for a tennis tournament. But that doesn’t mean she won’t factor into Game 7. She’ll need to channel Ovi, and light that fire in him that ensures he tears through the Rangers’ defense and scorches a goal not past, but literally through Henrik Lundqvist, a shot so lethal that Obama would then try to outlaw it.

The Horn Guy

With the toot of his horn, Sam Wolk signals the crowd when it’s time to yell ‘Let’s Go Caps.’ Sure, Goat does this too, but they alternate and rarely have an awkward moment when Sam’s horn and Goat’s pipe’s are competing for attention. Needless to say, if Wolk continues to do what he does best, the Caps will cruise to victory.

And there you have it folks, seven people who have massive amounts of pressure on them for Game 7.