Jason Chimera Joins the 700 Club

Posted April 7, 2013

It may have been a bittersweet moment for Jason Chimera on Saturday, as he played his 700th career game. After all, he was a healthy scratch previous to that, but Brooks Laich‘s injury likely was the reason he went back into the lineup during the Caps’ 4-3 victory against the Panthers.

Chimera, who only has one goal this season, contributed with a first-period fight against Tyson Strachan. Why? Because of Strachan’s cheap shot on him back in March. We’ll remind you what happened:

Anyway, tonight, only a couple minutes into the game, they fought:

Note that the announcers didn’t bring up Strachan’s hit on Chimera a month ago and instead speculated that it was simply about Chimera trying to ‘make an impact’ after being scratched. (Then again, we’re speculating too.)

After the game, teammates praised Chimera.




Congratulations to Chimera for playing in 700 career NHL games. We’d also like to remind you that his bobblehead is available through the Caps Kids Club this season: