About Those APX2 Bauer Skates

Posted March 14, 2013

During the Caps’ 3-2 victory against Carolina on Thursday, Comcast’s Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati talked a bit about the Bauer APX2 skates, and how the blade comes right off so players and equipment managers can save precious minutes by swapping them out with sharpened blades. This is especially useful during road games, where in-game sharpening might not be as convenient to do. From PureHockey.com:

One of the most talked about changes is the switch from the LightSpeed 2 Holder, to the new LightSpeed Edge Holder. The feature on the Edge that most people already now about is the trigger system. This is a HUGE feature for players who often travel for tournaments, or go on road trips where you are away from your preferred sharpener, or a sharpener at all. The system allows you to switch steel in seconds, without taking the skate off. Aside from players travelling, it is also excellent feature for peace of mind. Keep a spare pair of steel in your bag, and if you break a runner, or lose an edge mid-game, you likely won’t even miss a shift swapping them out.

Now kids, when your favorite basketball player wears a pair of shoes, you beg your parents for those very same shoes. After the win last night, all kids, whether they play hockey or not, should be asking their parents for the Bauer Vapor APX Sr. ice hockey skates.

On sale for ONLY 649.99.

(the 2’s will be out shortly)

These skates were a big enough part of the win Thursday that Nick Backstrom made them part of his victory Tweet: