Mike Milbury Destroys Alex Ovechkin

Posted February 27, 2013

In the second intermission of tonight’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers, longtime Capitals antagonist Mike Milbury absolutely destroyed Alex Ovechkin. Look, I’m no fan of Milbury as we clearly have a history, but it’s tough to argue against some of his points here. Yes, Ovi (and the team in general) played a crappy game, and more effort would be good for a guy who makes a ton of money. Yes, it does seem that he embellished on the penalty call.

Before Caps fans get up in arms with me though, where I disagree with Mad Mike is the vitriol. He seems to take pleasure in calling Ovechkin a baby, and saying he makes plays that an 8-year-old wouldn’t make. That type of analysis is commonplace for him and seems over the line to most fans. We speak that way to each other in a bar or over Twitter, but why does the on-air commentary need to resort to that? You can question the player’s effort without calling him names, but Milbury doesn’t seem capable of that.

The fault really lies with NBC, which continues to employ him, and most likely condones the controversy he creates with his act. He views his job as entertainment, as trying to say provocative and funny things, and that’s exactly what NBC pays him for. They like it when his antics make headlines on national blogs, and don’t seem to care how many hockey fans they alienate in the process.