Name Your Five Favorite Caps Centers

Posted October 3, 2012
jeff halpern

Jeff Halpern played 507 games for the Caps (Alena Schwarz)

There are a few no-brainer picks for most fans when discussing their favorite Capitals centers. Dale Hunter and Adam Oates come to mind. Nicklas Backstrom. Michal Pivonka. Mike Ridley. Why read on? Because that’s when you start seeing others you can’t possibly vote against, and this becomes a mind-numbing exercise that’s sure to ruin our day as we wonder just how life would’ve been different had we chosen differently. I’ve counted approximately 116 centers on the Caps since 1974-75 using Hockey DB (some of these fellas may have played other positions every once in a while).

Taking the top 31 (yes, 31, to include Robert Lang who was nearly a point-a-game player during his stint), let’s pick our top five favorite centers.

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Note: These data were pulled from Hockey DB.