ESPN Mobile Alert Credits Backstrom for Goal 174 Feet Out

Posted April 26, 2012

Anyone watching the Caps game Wednesday knew that Tyler Seguin tied the game at 14:27 of the second period. But those who get ESPN’s mobile alerts, presumably to keep track of the game if they’re unable to watch, would have seen that Nicklas Backstrom scored on a wristshot from 174 feet out to give the Caps a 2-0 lead. To further complicate things, the correct goal scorer – Seguin (from six feet out) – wasn’t announced until seven minutes later, and ESPN’s scoreboard stated Capitals 2, Bruins 0 during that time.

Since both players are No. 19, obviously ESPN just picked the wrong player, with very unfortunate timing considering the importance of the game. I’m guessing that the number of feet away is pulled automatically, since no one would ever write that the shot was from across the rink. But those who had to follow the game using this app may have figured there was a disallowed goal, then heard nothing about it when they checked elsewhere for updates.

So, the lesson is, never use an app to follow a game. Join the real world and use Twitter.

UPDATE: I’m told that the Caps mobile app and NHL app also did the same thing, so this is obviously a single feed.

Nicklas Backstrom scores from 174 feet out. Scratch that. Tyler Seguin scores from 6 feet out. Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US Presswire