Nicklas Backstrom Keeps Getting Goofy Giveaways

Posted November 8, 2019

As if the Nicklas Backstrom Garden Gnome stadium giveaway didn’t make him look silly enough, This season’s Caps Holiday Pack features a bobblehead of Backstrom dressed as a Christmas elf.

Past holiday packs have featured the infamous Caps gravy boat, which is still in high demand and can still fetch more than $100 on eBay, and other bobbleheads of players not dressed up in costumes. Some fans who attended the gravy boat game ended up selling their gravy boat and making money – and still went to the game.

While it’s a lock that fans will be clamoring for the Backstrom as an elf bobblehead, what it’ll go for in the secondary market remains to be scene. Because there are limited quantities and require purchases, we’re estimating that the Backstrom bobblehead will sell for about $130 after the game. It’s also possible that the Caps are stocking up on more of these than they’re giving away, and will tie in the rest to another promotion. Even the gravy boat ended up attainable after the Caps won the Stanley Cup, as the team gave it away as a prize for buying a $100 raffle ticket for a Stanley Cup ring.

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Perhaps Backstrom’s next giveaway will be him dressed as a leprechaun for the St. Patrick’s Day game.

If you get the Backstrom elf, I’m sure he’ll look good alongside this: