Hershey Bears Charities Cash in on Rockstar Players Aucoin & Holtby

Posted January 2, 2012

Keith Aucoin, pictured here in his New Year's Eve jersey. It brought in highest grossing game worn jersey this year at $2300. (All Photos Credit: M. Richter)

Here at Caps Outsider, we’ve always been big fans of Hershey’s specialty jerseys.  Up in Hershey, they take things even more seriously than we do, especially when it comes to the ridiculous (and occasionally atrocious) single-use jerseys that the team brings out for special occasions and auctions off at the end of the game.  Bidding wars routinely climb into the four-digit range, and this Saturday was particularly impressive.

Keith Aucoin was the star of both the game and the auction, with the game winning goal in the shootout and a scramble between two interested parties in the audience which drove his jersey cost to $2300 before the final “sold.”  He currently leads the league in overall points, with 53 (8G + 45A), and is a consistent high-value auction participant, with his Caps Tribute Jersey bringing in $1,200.  Braden Holtby graced two separate jerseys with his sweat on New Year’s Eve, and the combined total for those was $2650.  For context, Alex Ovechkin’s 2010 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society jersey went for $1800.

Aucoin and Holtby weren’t the only two notables, with a total of five jerseys bringing in more than a thousand dollars.  Joel Rechlicz is probably the most impressive when taken in context, with the 24 year old fan favorite generating $1500.  You can get a game-worn 2010 Backstrom for that, and that’s with buying through the officially licensed provider, the MeiGray Group.  A glance down their listings provides a general idea of the range for game-worns in Washington, and what’s disconcerting is that they’re no worse than the prices in Hershey.

To be fair, it helps to encourage the generosity of bidders in Hershey when the money goes to good causes.  This far into the season, the Bears have raised $120,875 in jersey auctions, with the 3 of the 4 auctions going to benefit Hershey Bears Charities, a non-profit wing of the organization similar to Caps Care.

There are two more specialty jerseys remaining in the wings this season, an Outdoor Classic jersey (auctioned on January 7th) and a St. Patrick’s Jersey (auctioned on March 17th).

Stick Tap: Dave & Jill Sottile of PA Puck for confirmation of the auction bids and numbers.