Caps on… Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris

Posted November 12, 2010

Watch the video to see professional hockey players weigh in on which martial artist is better.

Professional martial artists from the 70s had a lot more respect for Chuck Norris than Bruce Lee. Why? Because Chuck actually fought in tournaments, while Bruce was too busy trying to look good for the camera, and claimed tournaments were ‘dry land swimming.’ Bruce would only make appearances at tournaments, get challenged by real fighters, like Albert Cheeks of Kim Studios in D.C., but wouldn’t step into the ring. Chuck, on the other hand, actually fought.

In a tournament style fight, Chuck would likely beat Bruce, and you’ve gotta have more respect for someone who actually goes out and gets his hands dirty. I’ll give it to Bruce in a street fight.

Same goes for comparing NHL fighters. Alex Ovechkin may be one of the best fighters in the league, but we’d never know because Matt Bradley won’t let him.

Okay, that’s a joke, but you get the point.