Bradley’s SI Quote Is a Joke

Posted October 1, 2010

For those of you who have any doubt, Matt Bradley’s quote in this week’s Sports Illustrated is tongue-in-cheek.

“Hockey players don’t swear, so we don’t have to worry about that,” he said about HBO’s upcoming series on the Caps and Penguins in SI’s “They Said It” feature.

To most, the joke is obvious, but SI makes no indication that it’s a joke and some may be fooled. I once offered Bradley a beer, and he looked at me with a straight face and said, “I don’t drink.” It just so happened that he was joking about that, too, but for a split second I had to stop and wonder if he was serious.

So, the point is, there definitely will be cursing on HBO’s series, at least with the Capitals. Also, don’t be fooled by Matt Bradley.

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