Random Jersey: Jaromir Jagr

Posted March 2, 2009

jagr-jerseyRandom Sports Jerseys, I think you know the type. It’s that jersey of a high draft pick that never made it. The jersey of the aging star who turned a quick trick with another team for the cash, or of the player who put together a few good games and made you excited enough to go out and buy his number to put on your back. I’m sure any fan who has a few jerseys, has at least one that they keep in their closet, because they are too embarrassed to wear it out in public.

For me, it is the Jaromir Jagr sweater pictured to the right. I purchased this jersey literally within days of the trade, before they were even available widely. I was over at the Hockey Stop in Rockville when they received a couple of them that had been custom lettered and numbered for them. I paid way too much for it, but I was one of the first in town to have it. I couldn’t contain my excitement over the greatest player in the world coming to Washington. Over Jagr’s tenure in D.C. I began to realize that I had made a mistake, but this was the first customized jersey I had ever purchased, so I wasn’t about to go out and plunk down more money to get another.

So I wore it proudly to games, even after Jagr had left town. Luckily the season ticket holder gift a few seasons back was a blank black jersey, which I was able to use to replace my Jagr blunder. Since then I have also added a Red jersey to the collection of course, because the Caps did such a great job of making black go out of style very quickly. I still whip it out every once in awhile, just for nostalgia’s sake.

I explored this concept in more detail over at Gunaxin, with an entire collection of Random Jerseys. Have you seen any random jerseys at the phone booth? That guy who still clings to his Pat Peake or John Druce sweater? Someone still sporting the Mike Liut or Byron Dafoe? If so, shoot a picture with your cell phone camera and send it into us at [email protected]. We’ll post it on the site, and share your find with the world. If you are wearing something a bit funny on your own back, feel free to send that in as well. Brian Bellows or Esa Tikkanen jersey gets extra props.