Carly and Alzy Are Back With More Radio Spots!

Posted November 9, 2014

Carlson and Alzner (Terrence Kell, Kell Communications)

Your favorite dynamic duo is back, John Carlson and Karl Alzner, AKA Carly and Alzy, AKA Carlzner, aka Sport Fans (according to their new commercial). They’ve got  brand new radio spots for Sport Automotive. This is a followup to the ones they released in January.

There are plenty of gems in these new clips, but this one had me laughing particularly hard:

“Lemme tell ya, I love taking selfies,” Carlson says.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Alzner replies.

Carlson and Alzner will be at Sport Honda in Silver Spring on Thursday, Nov. 13., from 6:30-8 p.m. (See photos from the last time they went.)

Spot #1

Spot #2

Spot #3

Spot #4

What’s your favorite?

Completely unrelated to this, here is Alzner with a hockey head – ballooned.


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