Carly and Alzy Hang With Fans

Posted March 27, 2014

This sign is not for Alan May because, “They call me ‘sir,'” May said. (Photos by Caps Outsider)

Caps defensemen John Carlson and Karl Alzner came to Silver Spring on Thursday to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans at Sport Chevrolet. The two star in radio commercials for the dealership, where they showcase the friendly banter that comes naturally to them.

“We’re genuinely getting a kick out of it when we’re doing it because it’s our personalities, just the back and forth of it all,” Carlson said.

Check out the commercials on DC Sports Bog, and look forward to the fact that there will be more. The two are back in the studio on Friday to record some fresh tracks. Also, check out the tracks they recorded to promote the meet-n-greet.

(Caps Outsider)

Sport Chevrolet gave out wooden sticks and photos during the autograph session. (Caps Outsider)

(Caps Outsider)

“Me and Carly, we do everything together,”

(Caps Outsider)

“We’re like BFFs!”

(Caps Outsider)

“A lot of people don’t know us because we play defense. And we’re not Russian.”

(Caps Outsider)

“I’m Olympian John Carlson.”

carlson alzner

“Carly, I have more than one fan!”