The Ballad of George McPhee, Part II

Posted April 26, 2014

Var, I’m going to miss you too.” (Caps Outsider)

This is the Ballad of George McPhee,
He winked, he fought, he ran D.C,
For 17 years he led this team,
To wins, playoffs, but no Stanley.

He signed a Czech, failed miserably,
He tanked the team, then got Ovi,
He hired Bruce – it worked – briefly,
If the goal is just the Pres’ Trophy,

He wheeled and dealed, and crossed the t’s,
Fraught with positivity.
Southeast banners, three MVPs,
Sold out seats and red jerseys.

Soon came Dale, then Oates, Calle,
Kolzig, too. Who’s next? Halpy?
What’s next? Who knows? Uncertainty!
(Please anyone but Milbury!)

Onward, Caps! Still love this team.
We wish a fond farewell to George McPhee.

(Also see The Ballad of George McPhee, Part I)