The Ballad of George McPhee

Posted July 2, 2011

On George McPhee’s 53rd birthday, we present… The ballad of George McPhee (he’s seen this and loved it).

This is the ballad of George McPhee
He’s the Caps’ GM in ole DC
He winked, he fought, he sought Stanley
He got them close, but no party

He signed a Czech in a spending spree
And tapped a guy named Cassidy
But this Jagr guy, he played crappy
So George dumped the entire team

He picked these kids, their names? Ovie
Semie, Backie, Varley, Green
Then came along Slap Shot’s Gabbie
And something got released: Fury

The Caps scored goals, got victories
And fans got wings – five goals! They’re free!
All that remains is Lord Stanley
A trophy sought by all hockey

We’ll bring it back to ole’ DC
And who will lead us? George McPhee