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No ovie8.com, but Ovechkin Joins Instagram

Posted February 23, 2014

Image via what was ovie8.com.

Alex Ovechkin’s website, ovie8.com, is down for the count.

The site has had a ‘work in progress’ sign since April 2011, according to web.archive.org, but now it’s simply a broken link. While the domain is still owned by the same owners, and therefore not available for cybersquatters (yet), there clearly doesn’t appear to be any progress in getting it up and running. As of now, Alex Ovechkin’s Twitter account links to the site, though it’s broken. We’ll just assume Ovi and company have more important things to focus on than updating old links.

Last year, Mike Green’s website was cybersquatted. He ended up launching a new site under a different address, with a focus on selling T-shirts. Meanwhile, nicklasbackstrom.com and brookslaich.com are still up and running.

We’re not entirely clear why there wouldn’t be a working ovie8.com, but all we can do is hope the three-time NHL MVP has one up and running in the future.

There is a silver lining, though, as Ovi joined instagram, sending out a few photos while on his way home from Sochi.

Going back to dc !

Going back to dc ! via aogr8

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