Our Tale of the Tape: Troy Brouwer vs. PK Subban

Posted November 22, 2013

fight graphic toeP.K. Subban: Height – 6′ 0″, Weight – 217 lbs., 11 career NHL fights

Troy Brouwer: Height – 6′ 3″, Weight – 213 lbs., 19 career NHL fights

Verizon Center, November 22, 2013, 10:27 into the first period. Caps down 1-0

The bout started after Troy Brouwer finished a hard check on Andrei Markov. P.K. took offense to Brouwer’s play, and gave him a little shove. The two then began to talk back and forth to one another, most likely exchanging their favorite cooking recipes. Brouwer must have HATED the fact that Subban gave him an oatmeal cookie recipe, because he quickly shoved Subban straight in the face. And it was on.

Subban initial landed the first punch after the two grabbed one another. Brouwer quickly answered with two quick jabs to Subban’s face with his right. Brouwer kept trying to upper-cut Subban, but could not reach as he was wrapped around Subban’s outside. Subban saw that he was above Brouwer, and took his opportunity to reach for a punch from above, ripping Brouwer’s helmet clean off. Again, the two pull each other in close and try to wrestle each other down. While twirling around with one another, Brouwer sneaks a quick upper-cut, which lands on Subban’s face. Subban then pushes Brouwer to the ground, and the fight ends.

Afterwords, the Canadiens gained all the momentum of the fight.

And our winner is…..on a split decision….TROY BROUWER