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Ovechkin’s New Haircut

Posted November 12, 2013

“Sochi… Stanley… Sochi… Stanley… Maria… Stanley…” (Photos by Caps Outsider)

Alex Ovechkin entered warm-ups on Tuesday against the Blue Jackets sporting a new haircut that certainly didn’t make much of a dent in his 13-year, $124 million salary. No word on whether he did it himself, though. Don’t worry – he left the Movember ‘stache. By the way, Ovi, who is on Team Gillette for Movember, has about $1129 worth of donations. Meanwhile, of the rest of the Caps (not including stray folks who joined the team), the leader is… ahem… Capitals beat writer Mike Vogel.


Sochi, Stanley, Maria, and kill that deer who broke my fence! hahaha)))))


Really though… Maria, Stanley, Sochi. Or, Maria, Sochi, Stanley. ARRRGGG)))))


OK… just Maria. LOVE CONQUER ALL))))))))))))))))

Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Champs Gear