19,008 Mustached Troy Brouwer Bobbleheads Overrun Verizon Center

Posted November 5, 2013
Troy Brouwer bobblehead

Here’s the George Parros Troy Brouwer bobblehead.

When the Caps’ promotional schedule came out, it came as little surprise that Troy Brouwer was finally getting a bobblehead (well, maybe some surprise, as it could’ve also been Braden Holtby, who instead will get a smaller edition Inova Blood Drive bobblehead on Saturday). What did come as a surprise, though, was that Brouwer’s was outfitted especially for Movember, as he is the captain of that effort.

Since this was given away to all fans in attendance, the Capitals needed to order enough for everyone. How many, exactly? The Caps ordered 19,008 of them, which included 792 boxes, with 24 per box. That number didn’t include the prototypes, rejects and screwups (though really, I have no idea).

Since Verizon Center has  18,506 tickets to sell, there’s literally a spot for each bobblehead in all the stadium seats, both player benches, and each press box seat. Picture that for a moment – a mustached Troy Brouwer wobbling in each seat. That could be the plot of a really bad horror movie. Well, maybe better than the Nicky Backstrom Gnome movie, but I think you get the point.

The Brouwer Rangers celebrate Troy Brouwer Bobblehead Night (Photo by Andy Wallace)

The Brouwer Rangers celebrate Troy Brouwer Bobblehead Night (Photo by Andy Wallace)

brouwer boxes

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