Alex Ovechkin and Capitals USB Flash Drives

Posted July 17, 2012

Because it’s the offseason, we’ll find ourselves spending significantly less money on the Washington Capitals (unless, of course, we’re renewing our season tickets during this time). So here’s one way to combine our favorite team with computers – the ever-fading fad of novelty USB flash drives.

More mini-mate looking than LEGO, this Alex Ovechkin flash drive holds 4GB of data, which would make it HUGE if it were 2001. But you’re not really buying this so a figurine of your favorite player can back up your precious files. You’re getting this because you simply can’t say no to items that have the Washington Capitals logo on it, and the ‘C’ clearly makes this one Ovi, which you can get at

Don’t like Ovi? Never fear, you can also get a generic Washington Capitals USB Drive. This one doesn’t have a ‘C’ so it could be virtually anyone else on the team (although realistically it’s about the size of Mathieu Perreault). Get it for about the same price as the Ovi one on

If you want to fight your figure with someone else, get a Sidney Crosby 4GB USB Flash Drive. But I heard this one cries a lot and has a shorter term memory due to multiple concussions. Okay, that wasn’t nice.

Still want a Capitals-themed Flash Drive but think the above figures are extremely lame? Then go for this:

Amazing, I know. But at least with this one, you can customize the color and amount of memory. It’s available at

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