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Posted April 12, 2012

Photo by Alena Schwarz

In honor of the playoffs, here is a quick poem for your pre-game reading pleasure:


A is for Alzner, whose fiancée makes everyone cupcakes

B is for Braden, the young goalie who’s had a whirlwind year and will start against Boston

C is for Carlson who is in a devoted bromance with Alzner

D is for Dmitry, the youngster Russian defenseman who has a weakness for baked goods

E is for Eakin, the gingerest ginger that ever gingered

F is for fans, the over 18,000 that cheer on the Caps at home

G is for Green, who has come back from injury and is… not terrible.

H is for Hershey, where the Bears play and win lots of championships

I is for inconsistent and infuriating, the team’s style of play this season

J is for Jack Adams, the award Bruce Boudreau won his first year as head coach

K is for Kolzig, one of the greatest goalies the team ever had

L is for Laich, the team heartthrob and endless source of puns

M is for Matt Hendricks, whose one shootout move makes every goalie in the league look foolish

N is for Neuvirth, the Czech goalie that shares a striking resemblance to Hello Kitty

O is for Ovechkin, the captain and machine that never breaks

P is for Poti, even though no one knows where he is

Q is for the Quest for the Cup

R is for the red that is constantly rocked at Verizon Center

S is for Stanley, the Cup they’d love to raise

T is for toe-drag, Alexander Semin’s favorite move

U is for unleashing the fury

V is for Vokoun, who has four shutouts this season but is still injured

W is for Washington, the place they call home

X is for the exciting and nerve wracking postseason push

Y is for yes, the Caps have made the playoffs.

Z is for zone, of which all three need to be played better to continue the season.

Alena Schwarz

Alena Schwarz

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