Mattias Sjogren: The Anatomy of a Healthy Scratch

Posted April 10, 2012

At around 2PM, the Washington Capitals announced that they have recalled Mattias Sjogren from the Farjestad club in the Swedish Elite League (Farjestad BK Official Site).

If the name Mattias Sjogren sounds familiar, it should.  Long story short, he graced the ice at the Capitals 2011 D-Camp, Rookie Camp, and Training Camp.  He was then sent down to the Hershey Bears, a common practice with incoming European players.  Drama ensued 19 games later when he used his “I’m not in the NHL, I’m out” clause and returned to Sweden.  Nobody was impressed.

Due to two separate AHL rules/policies, Sjogren is ineligible to play with the Bears in the playoffs, so he’s here to go big or go home (again).  There have been various theories flying around about why bother bringing him back at all – he’s secretly a goalie, the Caps need all the centers they can get (especially with Hershey going to the playoffs), a warm body is a warm body, etc.

Never one to be left behind, Caps Outsider has its own (more plausible) theory to present: Sjogren has been called up for spare parts.

Mattias Sjogren, Anatomy of a Healthy Scratch. Picture from Sjogren's last game in Hershey, November 2011 (Photo & Mod Credit: M. Richter)

Just remember!  If Tom Poti makes a miraculous recovery and jumps into the lineup in Game 7 to revitalize the defense corps, you know what’s really going on.  Playoffs are all about sacrifice for the team, and Sjogren certainly needs all the good will he can scavenge…

M. Richter

M. Richter

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M. Richter