Rejected Caps Fan T-Shirts

Posted May 23, 2011

Lately, several creative Caps fans and bloggers have opened their own Caps-centric online T-shirt stores. But we’ll get to those later because Capitals Outsider only endorses parody and sarcasm.

So, we proudly present… a @nazarcruce production (with real T-shirt stores listed at the end.)

(Yes, we know Milbury is misspelled, we know Jagr is not the best Cap and we would like to see Brashear back… in the stands to watch the Caps win the Stanley Cup. But we don’t need shirts for those.)

Ones that didn’t even make the rejected T-shirt list:

  • A picture of Ted Leonsis with the Dan Snyder devil doodle
  • Dino’s Limo Driver
  • Washington Caps – Best Media Relations in Hockey
  • Bondra’s Retirement Ceremony After-Party
  • Rock the Bronze

Thanks to all our Twitter followers for the feedback.

And now a plug for our designer. Get these designs, and others, his store. nazarcrucewear.