Ben’s Chili Bowl Opens at Capital One Arena!

Posted November 1, 2019

(Caps Outsider)

Capitals fans who didn’t already know were in for a pleasant surprise during Friday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres when they saw Ben’s Chili Bowl at Capital One Arena.

It’s one of several satellite restaurants of Ben’s Chili Bowl, with the original one being on U Street and a longtime Washington D.C. landmark.

The prices, however, are typical of an arena, with a half-smoke costing $12 and chili fries the same. That said, it’s another food option, and a familiar one at that.

Ben’s Chili Bowl is located outside section 120-121. There is also a stand near 408.

Meanwhile, still no word if Chick-fil-A will ever return, though the Spot the Cow fan game still happens during the second period.