Caps Anthem Singer Caleb Green to Be on America’s Got Talent

Posted June 15, 2019


Longtime Caps anthem singer Caleb Green will be on America’s Got Talent, according to and verified by Mr. Green himself, as the June 18th episode is slated to show auditions by his group “Voices of Service.”

Just how excited is Caleb about this? “Over the top!” he told Caps Outsider. “Our episode will air on Tuesday evening at 8 PM on NBC. Please be on the lookout. #VoicesOfService.”

According to

The quartet performs its own arrangement of Katy Perry’s 2016 hit single “Rise.” Voices of Service is affiliated with the Virginia-based Center for American Military Music Opportunities (CAMMO), a group dedicated to creating music performance and career opportunities for military members and veterans.

Find out more about Voices of Service and their performances. Here’s a peak at the audition: