Wear Stanley Cup Championship Merchandise

Posted April 24, 2019

The Caps’ title defense is over.

The season ended in gut-wrenching fashion with a double overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, in Game 7.

Yet, this feels different, perhaps in part because there is something in Capital One Arena this year that wasn’t there before. A Stanley Cup Championship banner. No matter what happens, nobody can take that away. The season may have ended earlier than expected, but the playoffs are unpredictable and that is what makes it fun. All four division winners were eliminated in the first round, so it wasn’t just Washington who underachieved this season.

Analysts and commentators can no longer say “here they go again” or “will this be the year they breakthrough?”  The Caps won the Stanley Cup last year.

While it would have been nice to wear Caps gear to celebrate a series win, there is still a reason to celebrate. The Caps once again won the Metropolitan division. They had a multitude of 20-goal scorers. This was a good season.

By wearing Stanley Cup Championship merchandise, you are showing that you are with the team through the good and the bad. The Caps might not be able to defend their title anymore, but they still won the Stanley Cup after many believed they never would.